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Meet Saeed Satterwhite – Waldorf Honda Sales Consultant


If you are looking for assistance on your next purchase of your Brand New Honda, you can count on Sales Consultant Saeed L Satterwhite at Waldorf Honda to exceed your expectations!

Saeed’s commitment to his customers stems from his fundamental values of family and education.  He takes great pride in helping and teaching his customers about their vehicles.  His ability to communicate the benefits and advantages of Hondas stems from his 10 years in the automobile industry as Sales Consultant at Waldorf Honda.

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Saeed’s passion and enthusiasm for helping are apparent in everything that he undertakes.  When asked what he likes most about working here; he states that he enjoys helping people and teaching them about the product.  He believes that you should treat your customers like family and give them the same service you would want someone to give your family member.

Saeed lives in Southern Maryland and is surrounded by his family who provides constant love and support.  Saeed says “We are a tight family and I can always count on them.”

When Saeed isn’t working at Waldorf Honda he states that he enjoys fishing, fishing and…did we mention fishing?


So if you’re looking for someone to count on then look no further than Saeed Satterwhite at Waldorf Honda! His dedication to his customers and extensive knowledge of the automobile business will guarantee that you he will be there to help you learn everything about your next New Honda!

Waldorf Honda is located at 2293 Crain Highway in Waldorf, MD 20601.  We can be reached online at http://www.waldorf-honda.com/index.htm or call us at 301-843-8700.

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Employee Spotlight: Mr. Harold (Hal) Stephen

 hal 002 (2)

Meet Mr. Harold (Hal) Stephen.  He is our Sales Consultant here at Waldorf Honda, located in Waldorf, Maryland.  Although only with us for 10 months he has achieved a great deal in a short amount of time.  In April, Mr. Harold was Waldorf Honda’s Top New Car Sales Consultant of the Month!  Mr. Stephan has been in the automotive industry for over 10 years with the majority of his positions in sales.

Mr. Stephen’s enthusiasm and passion for making sure his customers are always treated well stems from his faith.  He states “I love God and try always to live according to the bible.  I believe god helps me to be successful.”

This philosophy also translates into his personal life. When he isn’t at work he devotes most of his free time to his family.  He is married with six children.  Like his customers each one is very special to him.

When asked what he likes most about working at Waldorf Honda he states “I am really fortunate to have the opportunity to sell both New and Used Cars.”  He also prides himself on providing the Best Sales Experience possible; “I like to treat my customers like they are all my Special Guest.  I try to make sure they are very satisfied with their purchase.”

hal 001 (3)

If you’re looking to feel special during your vehicle purchase then stop by Waldorf Honda to meet Mr. Harold (Hal) Stephen!  Mr. Stephen’s personal beliefs coupled with his need to make sure that every customer feels special is like no other!

Waldorf Honda is located at 2294 Crain Highway Waldorf, Maryland 20601.  We can also be reached at 855-349-6881 or online at http://www.waldorf-honda.com.

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